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Drug Identification Guide

Addicts tend to buy their heroin from the dealer who has the highest quality product. They can get a higher high for the same amount of money. Dealers prefer to sell heroin laced with fentanyl for maximum quality so they can keep their customers and steal customers from other dealers. A competitive advantage. Learn more with the 2018 Drug ID Guide. Sample the "Online Version" here. Get the full "Online Version" here.

Misuse of prescription drugs means taking a medication in a manner or dose other than prescribed; taking someone else’s prescription, even if for a legitimate medical complaint such as pain; or taking a medication to feel euphoria (i.e., to get high).* The term nonmedical use of prescription drugs also refers to these categories of misuse. The three classes of medication most commonly misused are: Opioids—usually prescribed to treat pain, Central Nervous System [CNS] depressants (this category includes tranquilizers, sedatives, and hypnotics)—used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders, Stimulants—most often prescribed to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Fentanyl is a highly addictive drug with the street names “drop dead,” “China white,” or “serial killer.” It is a synthetic opioid, similar to heroin, but far more powerful. This drug is extremely dangerous to first responders like police officers, paramedics, firemen and anyone else who should come in contact with this drug.


All of our Drug ID Guides are available "Online" beginning in the year 2000 to the present. Get the Online 2018 Guide here. View "Sample" pages here. Order individual Guides (Online) from 2000 to the present here. Or buy the Platinum Membership here and have access to all the Online Guides (2000-2018) plus additional photographs, videos etc on all the drugs.

2017 Drug ID Guide

Supplies of the 96 page 2017 Drug ID Guide are getting very low. Like the 2018 version, the Guide is used by Education and Law Enforcement Professionals across America, Canada, and other English speaking countries. We also have an English/Spanish version of the Guide. The 2017 Guide, like all of our Drug ID Guides, is viewable Online. Get the 2017 Drug ID Guide here. Get the Online version here.


The new 112-page Drug ID Guide in English and Spanish is in high demand in schools and other venues where both English and Spanish are spoken. Get the Membership and view the Guide on your iPad, laptop etc. VIEW A FEW PAGES. The Online version of all of our Drug ID Guides provides our international customers access to this high-quality drug information without having to pay the high shipping costs.

Drug ID Desk Reference

This new 238-page book is filled with over 2000 High-Resolution photographs of commonly abused street drugs including K2, Spice, WAX, Flakka, chocolate covered psilocybin, Methamphetamine, fentanyl and many other drugs. Get the Desk Reference here.


These 12-page booklets are filled with high-resolution photographs and information about marijuana grow operations, prescription drugs, methamphetamine labs and how they operate today. Great supplements to any drug training. Click on the "BROCHURES" link above to order.


There are many brochures available each containing in-depth information and images on all the major drugs. Click on the "BROCHURES" link above or images below for access to all of the brochures.



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