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2017 - Drug Identification Guide

The new 96 page 2017 Drug ID Guide used by Education and Law Enforcement Professionals across America, Canada, and other English speaking countries. Get the Membership and view the Guide on your iPad, laptop etc. Platinum Members Get IT ALL.     VIEW A FEW PAGES

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Drug ID Desk Reference

This new 238 page book is filled with over 2000 High-Resolution photographs of commonly abused street drugs including K2, Spice, WAX, Flakka, chocolate covered psilocybin, Methamphetamine, and drugs you haven't heard of.


2016 - Drug Identification Guide

The new 96 page 2016 Drug ID Guide is used by Educators, Professional Law Enforcement Agencies, Universities, Hospitals, and other Professionals across America, Canada, and other English speaking countries. Get the Membership and view the Guide on your iPad, laptop etc.    Platinum Members Get IT ALL

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Heroin Brochure

The new Heroin brochure speaks of the heroin crisis and supports the daily reports heroin deaths. Fentanyl, a dangerous and powerful synthetic opiate is mixed with heroin adding to the problem. 



English/Spanish Drug ID Guide

The new 112 page 2016 Drug ID Guide in English and Spanish is in high demand in schools and other venues where both English and Spanish are spoken. Get the Membership and view the Guide on your iPad, laptop etc. Platinum Members Get IT ALL.

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Fentanyl is 100 times more potent than morphine, and it took the life of Prince. W-18, just starting to come into view, is 100 times more potent than fentanyl. Both have been mixed with heroin and the death toll is rising. 


Prescription Drug Booklet

Prescription drug abuse is a serious and growing problem. This 12 page 9 x 12 Chart will show you the most abused prescription drugs on the market today.


Marijuana Grow Booklet

This 12 page booklet is filled with high-resolution photographs and information about marijuana grow operations and how they operate today.


Drug ID Poster

This 24" X 35" Drug ID Poster is designed for police officers, parents and educators as a quick reference guide to current and popular drugs of abuse.


Drug ID Guide

The Drug Identification Guide is now available for your iPad, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop or other device. You also have access to all of the Drug Identification Guides beginning in the year 2000. Take the Guide with you wherever you have an internet connection. Select the Guide you would like here. You can also join the Platinum Membership and have access to all the Guides from the year 2000 to the present plus Videos and more high-resolution images.

More information in the new Fentanyl brochure.




See more photographs, video and have access to all of our Drug ID Guides beginning in 2000.

Drug Information

This link will take you to drug information and images of legal and illegal drugs.


Commercial Drivers, Aircrew, and others are required by the DOT to have 60 minutes of Drug Training each year.

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Smuggling Methods
12,000 pounds of marijuana seized by the U.S. Coast Guard 180 miles southwest of San Diego, California. More Coast Guard drug seizures and drug smuggling methods here.